Geoff Goodson Horsemanship - Harmony for Horse and Handler

Angela and Nugget
At the end of winter of 2013, I noticed that my normally sweet little quarter
pony, was becoming aggressive in her behavior toward me.
I had asked Geoff if he could come out and do an evaluation of her,  and check
her readiness for riding after the long winter of no riding.
Geoff did come out.  Nugget was totally resistant to anything he tried to do
with her.  This was just not normal for her.
The vet had come out the day before the assessment, and found her to be healthy
and sound.

After more than an hour of Geoff working her on the ground,  she was still
noncompliant and just plain ornery.  Geoff suggested that I send her for a month
of training at his ranch.  Needless to say, she was immediately in Geoff's
trailer and on her way to the ranch.

Geoff's ranch was beautiful, and Nugget had a great space of her own. I was
quite upset about my horse, but Geoff reassured me that she was in good hands
and that he would get her "right" again. I saw that as Geoff worked my horse as
well as other horses, he was so kind and reassuring.  He never raised his voice
or his hand toward my horse.  He also had infinite patience which he also
extended to me.  I am fortunate to be retired, so I was able to be there nearly
every day.

After a few days, Geoff took me aside and told me that he felt, based on Nuggets
behavior and poor performance, that she might be suffering from Lyme disease.

I had my vet come out to draw blood, and the next day we learned that Nugget did
indeed have Lyme.  She was started on antibiotics immediately.  With in four
days this horse turned completely around.   She was compliant with her training,
and at the end of her course of antibiotics she was a completely different

With Geoff's encouragement, patience, consistency and love,  She was responding
beautifully!  She still was throwing her head while bitted,  and Geoff
immediately realized that two wolves teeth had sprung up.  They were not there
when the dentist floated her a month earlier. So once again the vet came out and
pulled the teeth.  After a week of allowing her to heal, she readily accepted
the bit, and never threw her head again.

What I want to emphasize here is the relationship Geoff had with my horse.  With
his incredible knowledge and gentle, but effective training, he turned this
horse around.
Another wonderful part of the training process was that I was included every
step of the way.  My confidence had been seriously rocked by a life threatening
fall from my former horse.  Geoff worked me through it and taught me so much
about progressive desensitization  through movement.

Really, I would never trust anyone else with the training of my horse.  Geoff
and his assistant Michele were so wonderful, that I will have them come back to
my place at the end of this winter.

Don't hesitate to Call Geoff for all of your training needs.  Both you and your
horse will benefit greatly.

Alicia and Dublin
From the killer pen to my back yard, I purchased my third horse Dublin online from a horse rescue AC4H, he stood out to me as he waited in a killer pen. I knew from the start I had to have him, I was provided with pictures and that was all. Not knowing much about him besides the basics I did what I had to do to get him out of that horrible place and brought him home. Upon his arrival he was very sick and under weight, once he was better I decided I wanted to try and ride him, well that didn't go as planned in my mind. I had bought a bucking bronco! Either the saddle or myself just leaning on him Dublin was not having any part of it.  Every time the saddle was even near him he would get extremely nervous and anxious telling me that someone did something to this horse in him past to make him become so fearful. I eventually gave up all hope and let Dublin enjoy his days out in the pasture, this is until I met my hero Geoff. I met Geoff when he came to my barn to trim another boarders horse and started talking about his wild mustang experiences. I thought to myself, well Dublin is a wild boy in his own ways so maybe Geoff could work with him? I got talking to him and Michele and I actually had hope For Dublin once again. Well only 2 weeks later I arrived at Double G ranch with Dublin and he was going to be in Geoffs care for a month. Well I couldn't believe my eyes when only a couple days there and he already had a saddle on him and he wasn't bucking! Only a few more days after that he was riding Dublin, once a horse that was not rideable now a well behaved boy. Only a month with Geoff changed Dublin's and I life for the better, I finally had my very first ride on my horse after owning him for over a year! He was amazing and has come so far because of Geoff, I can not wait to continue our education and training with Geoff in the spring!  
From Beth Gerst:
 Thank you guys so much!  I had a great time and I learned so much!  I brought it home and it is working like a charm!  Please tell Geoff...Mr. Zeb (Zebra Pony) AKA Lex!  Stood like a statue the other night while getting a bath!!!  No more chain over the nose used the rope halter and he stood like a rock the entire time!  Eric and I were actually pretty dry at the end!  That doesn't normally happen with this little man!  LOL...It is so nice, I have been practicing everything and because of the crappy weather here lately I haven't been able to take him out but plan on doing that this week with a few friends from the barn!  I can't wait!
I have to say I have been to many many many clinics in my 30 years of horses and I can tell you I learned more in three days from Geoff and Josh than I did in all those years!  I have a different outlook and a different horse now.  I couldn't be happier.  Can't wait until 2015 and there are more to go to!  I will hopefully by then have all these steps down pretty well by then!
 When I met Geoff Goodson I was literally terrified to get on my half arabian Picasso.  Over the years Picasso had bolted on me when mounting and I had gotten hurt one too many times and just didn't know where to turn next.  Geoff changed all that.  He worked with both of us and gave us the confidence to enjoy riding again and do it safely.  I have been riding horses for 50 years and I have never come across someone who can ride with such skill, confidence and understanding of the horse as Geoff.  He is a master of his craft and relates to the horse as one of the herd. 
Emaline O. Pavelka 

So here I am with a big smile on my face; it has not diminished since Beau Strider and I left you folks Saturday morning.  I am absolutely thrilled with Geoff and Beau’s accomplishments.  Beau grew much in a short time thanks to Geoff’s skillful, patient, and firm guidance.  The pictures are a reflection of the trust that they built together and the confidence that Geoff has restored to my precious boy.
I already put the last photo on my desktop so that I can dream of our rides in the future and smile when I think of how successful and happy my youngster is now.

Karen 10/18/2014

 Middletown HighSchool Ag Science Class 2014
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